Fixing Common iPhone Woes

By: Mind Drama

Some of the greatest smartphones available right now are Apple’s iPhones. However, they also have bothersome issues that need expert iPhone repairs. Some of these can be the result of software bugs, while others may happen as a direct result of carelessness on our part. The bright side? While you can handle some of these problems on your own, others will need the assistance of a professional.

Most Common iPhone Repair Issues

 Here are a few of the most typical iPhone issues and their easy fixes.

  • Battery Drainage

Over time, your iPhone’s battery health will decrease, so you won’t likely experience the same level of battery life as when you first unboxed the device. On the other hand, there might be an issue if your battery drains extremely quickly.

So, you have to find out which app is draining your battery first. Locate the apps that drain your battery the most by going to Settings > Battery. Remove any of these apps that you don’t use, restart your phone, and see if that extends the life of your battery. Other actions that you can take include disabling push notifications for specific apps. In order to rule out any software optimization issues, make sure you’re running the most recent iOS updates.

  • Overheating

You may be in danger of overheating if your iPhone makes you think of your hot and sour soup when you hold it. Long-term damage to your device can result from this, as frequent overheating can accelerate internal wear and tear and harm components. Furthermore, no one enjoys gripping a hot smartphone. With a few easy steps, though, you might be able to adjust the temperature on your iPhone and avoid spending on iPhone repair services.

To begin with, put your iPhone away while it’s charging. Across all brands, this is a highly common reason why smartphones heat up. In order to disable them, look for any unwanted programs that are constantly consuming battery and operating in the background. Finally, stay away from using your phone extensively (such as for gaming) in hot weather. You might need to bring your iPhone to an iPhone repair service center if it continues to overheat.

  • Black Screen

You’ve encountered the notorious black screen if your iPhone abruptly shuts off like a scene from a scary movie. Due to outdated hardware and software, older iPhone models may experience this software problem. But the solution is quite easy. Restarting your iPhone with force is all that is required.

To get that, rapidly press the volume up and down buttons, then hold down the power button until the phone restarts and displays the Apple logo. Try again after your phone has some time to charge if this doesn’t work because your phone might not have enough power to turn on.

  • Water Damage

Liquid damage can happen by accident from spills and drops, but it can also happen if you use your phone in humid environments with frequent temperature changes. In either case, the harm done to your iPhone and its internal parts is irreversible, and it needs replacement parts depending on how badly the device is damaged.

Liquid damage can result in costly replacements, much like physical impact damage. By keeping your phone away from bodies of water and exercising caution around pools, liquids, and rain, you can avoid situations like these. 

  • Cracked Back Panel Or Screen

These days, the majority of high-end smartphones have metal frames sandwiching a glass back panel and screen. These devices are sleeker as a result, but they are also more vulnerable to impact damage. 

Sometimes, even the tiniest drops can cause a crack in the back panel or screen of your iPhone. Regretfully, you will need to bring the phone to the service center to get this fixed.

Even worse is that there are extremely high repair costs for replacement parts, particularly the display. For this, you can think about using a case for your iPhone to avoid damage.


So, these were all the most common iPhone repair issues. To avoid any damage to your iPhone, you can update it to the most recent version of the software and use your phone in secure environments. 

Furthermore, you should avoid contact with liquids and use cases and covers as extra protection for your iPhone. Despite all this, if you are still not able to tackle the issue on your own, take professional and affordable iPhone repair services available at The Gadget Xchange


Why isn’t my iPhone operating properly?

If your iPhone doesn’t work well, then verify that your screen is clear of any water or debris. Unplug any USB-C or Lightning accessories. If you remove an accessory and your screen still works, try using a different plug, cable, or charger. You should also take off any screen protectors or cases.

How can an iPhone be hard reset?

Any iPhone can be hard reset by rapidly pressing the volume up and down buttons while holding down the power button until the device turns off, which typically takes five seconds or longer.

Why does my iPhone keep glitching?

Your iPhone’s slowness is most likely the result of either running out of storage space, having a dead battery, or using out-of-date software and apps. Fixable performance problems can also be the reason for a sluggish iPhone. iPhones experience slowdown over time, just like any other electronic device.

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