How to Choose a Perfume That Best Suits Your Personality

By: Mind Drama

A fragrance can be picked based on a variety of factors, such as the season, age, or likeness. It’s also possible to select a scent based on your personality. One can identify which perfume suits them the best by four main categories i.e Freshness, Air, Earthy, and Fire.

This blog details into what suits you the best, if you like you can buy perfume samplers from a website like Scents and Stories and try all those different smells. Ultimately choosing the ones that your heart loves the most. 

Fresh Personality 

A person who falls into this grouping has a vibrant and vivacious demeanour. This person is naturally cheery and full of planning. They like laughing and have trouble channeling their enormous energy at times. They retain the impulsiveness of their youth while yet being lazy and merry. This person has a active appearance, knows how to allure, and uses a lot of energy to push his or her ideas: they are straightforward and unpretentious.

Scents that attract ‘Fresh’ Personality

This personality prefers fragrances with natural odours as well as more metaphorical scents. Fresh flower odours can attract them, as will citrus fruits, cut grass, and watery fruits. Aromatic herbs, green notes, or fresh wooded notes like Nouvelle Fraîcheur aspect, or even beachy smells may appeal to this group.

Our Recommendation

Citrus / Hesperides smells, such as eaux fraîches (traditional or current).

Aromatic or green scents

Floral scents that are light and fresh

As For Men

Fresh woods, fougère, and aromatics could be the winner.

Air personality

The “Air” personality type has a very feminine disposition. It has a reserved demeanour. They have a mother behavior and project an impression of gentleness, sensitivity, modesty, and dreaminess. They do, however, have a bit of an artistic personality. Behind this seeming kindness, though, comes a great deal of strength and serious drive. Men in this group will be aware of their feminineness and will seek out scents that have a hint of sweetness.

Scents that attract ‘Air’ personality

Delicate floral smells are particularly appealing to women. Men, on the other hand, will love delicate woods like as sandalwood. Perfumes with facets and nuances will appeal to both men and women.

Our Recommendation

Soft, subtle, and carefully created perfumes with subtleties, such as semi-oriental or bright smells, appeal to those in the “Air” category. Women will like the perfumes such as white musk.

Men will prefer gentle woody aromas, as well as scents that are a tad flowery or have delicate spices.

Earthy Personality

People who fall into this category are naturally calm and contemplative. They are determined, but they are also genuine. Friendly relationships are valued by them.

These women have an androgynous element to them and aspire to be great adventurers. She isn’t overly concerned with fashion and has her own sense of style. These individuals are frequently corporate titans who are drawn to politics and seeking the scent of a “trailblazer.” For men, refined aromas such as leather, chypre, and spicy fragrances will appeal.

Scents that attract ‘Earth’ Personality 

This individual enjoys the scents of the forest, such as woodlands, mushrooms, mosses, green grass, and an open fire. Floral and sweet smells do not appeal to them. 

Our Recommendation

Chypre perfumes with a wood moss scent will appeal to people who connect with this personality type. Woody perfumes for men. Fresh, green perfumes, plus extremely woody scents based on oud or darker scents, will appeal to them. These people, on the other hand, will not love scents that are overly floral.

Fire Personality 

People in the “Fire” category have personalities that alter with their moods. This individual is very hammy and outgoing, and they know how to enchant any crowd, and they are difficult to forget. They also keep a sense of mystery. These individuals are well-versed in the latest hotspots and are often quite tactile.

Scents that attract ‘Fire’ personality

This person is epicurean by nature and enjoys sensualist scents, oriental overtones, and deep woody undertones. Scents having a strong persona are particularly appealing to them. Tuberose, an intense white bloom, may appeal to the women with Fire personality.

Our Recommendation

Fragrances with deep, racy, sensual, and sometimes oriental notes will appeal to people who connect with the “fiery” personality. They will love the trail smells as well, as they wish to leave a trace after their passing. Coco Chanel Mademoiselle Perfume is a popular choice among those who appreciate such scents.


We hope that this blog will help you in choosing your next signature smell. If you are still not confident choose samplers from Scent and Stories by using Savyour app and getting cashbacks on your purchase. By this you save money and can choose what works best for your personality too!

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