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She is a professional race car driver from the United States. Tricia is one of the Memphis family’s speedy and furious members. She enjoys taking on extreme challenges on the racetrack while driving her 1966 Chevy Nova in the Street Outlaws: Memphis series.

Because she is under five feet tall, her supporters refer to her as “designed.” On the racetrack, it’s also faster than the light. When her spouse immerses her in something that astonishes him, she will do anything.

Tricia Day, who was born in Memphis, Tennessee, is in her mid-40s. According to her nationality, she is an American. There won’t be many changes to the star’s early years. Except for the fact that, like her spouse, there is a phenomenon. Day’s passion for racing began at a young age.

Tricia Day’s Professional Life

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Midget is her street racing moniker. It might be due to her little stature. Tricia, like her husband, has been racing since she was a child.

Midget was an instant hit from the moment she landed on the sand. Tricia gradually advanced in position and reputation with her husband. One of the workers on her husband’s pack of drivers was the star. Both did everything they could to win. As a result, they formed a force that the calculation had to produce.

Tricia, JJ Da Boss’s wife, had a major change in her life and work. Day suddenly lost her companion and leader when she put her husband to prison for triggering an accident.

JJ’s absence left a void in the crew. Regardless. They were not less broken as a result of this. Tricia is still causing a stir on the streets. When her husband was released, the two appeared on Memphis’ Street Outlaws.

Tricia Day’s Children and Relationship Status

Jonathan Day is the name of her spouse, and she is a married woman. JJ Da Boss, his street moniker, is well-known. They had been lovers for a long time. Both had been married for almost a decade before deciding to seal the wedding.

Tricia Day’s Social Media Popularity

She isn’t available on any social media platforms. Her spouse, on the other hand, is constantly uploading images of his family on social media platforms.

Car Collision Involving Tricia Day

According to recent reports, Jonathan Day (aka JJ Da Boss), the star of Discovery’s Street Outlaws, and his wife, Tricia, were involved in a vehicle accident on January 12. After suffering injuries, the two were brought to the hospital. Is JJ Da Boss and his wife Tricia okay after the automobile accident?

According to another allegation from Deep South Street Racing, Jonathan Day received burn injuries to his hands and face. He was released from the hospital on January 13, when his wife Tricia was undergoing hip surgery. She was still recovering in the hospital, according to the article.

The Hummingbird, JJ and Tricia’s other street racing car, was also photographed in the aftermath of the accident. The Ziptie appeared to have collided head-on with the centre pillar and side panel of a parked automobile, while the Hummingbird appeared to have rolled over.

Because JJ Da Boss only suffered minor burns, it’s assumed he was at the wheel of the Ziptie. Meanwhile, Tricia, who underwent hip surgery following the accident, may have been involved in the Hummingbird’s crash. Both street racing vehicles featured roll-over bars as well as other safety measures, according to reports. Both cars are estimated to have well over 1,000 horsepower, however precise specs and recent upgrades are unclear (even without nitrous additions).

JJ Da Boss was in another major accident in 2017 while transporting two autos to Arkansas. The Memphis native, 48, fell asleep behind the wheel, triggering a serious collision in which he suffered a broken hand and damaged ribs. His automobiles, “Ole Heavy” and “Heifer,” both on the trailer, were severely damaged when they crashed into a ditch.

The production of Discovery’s Street Outlaws: America’s List will be suspended until Jonathan and Tricia Day have recovered. It is now unknown if the couple’s accident occurred during the session. As a result, it’s unclear if the collision will be included in the future season.

Tricia Day’s Net Worth is Unknown

As of 2020, she has a net worth of $500 thousand dollars. As a competitive Street Racer, Day makes a good living. As a result, she most likely earns $50,000 every year. It’s comparable to a street racer in the United States.

JJ Da Boss, Tricia’s spouse, makes a good living from his streetcar racing in the Street Outlaws: Memphis circuit. He takes $20,000 for every episode from the program as a result of this. In 2020, his net worth was estimated to be $1 million. As a result, it is crucial information on the subject of Tricia Day.


We have told everything about the Tricia day accident and also about her life. We enjoyed writing it. We hope you enjoy reading it and get all the information you want. Tricia Day is a well-known racer and she is lucky to survive a dangerous accident.

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