IELTS Reading: How to get 6 to 7.5 band scores?

By: HenryJames

Want to study in a foreign country? All you need to do is hard work and practice for the IELTS Academic or General Training test to receive the required band scores. For your application to study or work in the country of your choice. Furthermore, this involves every aspect of the IELTS exam structure, even the reading portion, which may seem to be challenging at first glance. 

Furthermore, the reading section consists of three passages with a total of 40 questions. The candidate has to solve the test in one hour. So, the one who can utilize the allotted time wisely can easily complete the test in the given time frame. Apart from this, the test is mainly conducted to ensure your vocabulary rather than reading skills. 

Well, the test taker should have good reading skills along with good grammar knowledge to ace this module. For more, you can seek assistance from professionals with preparation for the test. Here we are recommending the Best IELTS institute in Amritsar that offers excellent teaching hacks along with authentic study materials. 

Follow the below strategy to get high scores on the IELTS reading module:

Improve your vocabulary

Many students struggle to comprehend the meanings of the words used in the text because of insufficient vocabulary. Nonetheless, addressing this issue is simple. All you have to do to become familiar with the different words and watch news and television programs in English. Moreover, use the directories to learn the descriptions of complex terms as well as their antonyms and synonyms. This practice will help you learn the different sentence structures.

Make sure no question is unattempted 

As there is no negative marking system on the IELTS exam, you are allowed to make guesswork to find the correct answers. Furthermore, if you are lucky, then one of the points in your prediction will move you up from band 6.5 to band 7. Make sure to write your responses side by side on the answer sheet if you’re taking the IELTS on paper. If you leave a cell on the answer page blank, you will receive a zero score. Being aware of how your responses affect your IELTS Exam Speaking Scores is crucial for achieving your desired band score.


If you are reading slowly and in a relaxed way, then it is quite simple that you are going to fail in the reading section. Therefore, to overcome the chances of low scores in this section, you have to apply the skim and scan technique. These techniques use rapid eye movement and keywords so that you can go through the text in less time. Moreover, skimming is nothing but reading fast to get a general overview of the passage. 

For skimming you have to obey the below rules:

  • Read the first and last passage of the gen text carefully to get an overview of the passage.
  • Next, pay attention to the first sentences of the text to get the main idea of the context.
  • Carefully read the last paragraph of the text as it poses the whole meaning of the text.


The term “scanning” refers to reading text fast in order to get important facts from it instead of the whole. Moreover, names, dates, figures, and new phrases are common things to scan from the passage. You should not spend more than three minutes scanning the text. 

Keep in mind the following things while scanning:

  • Always highlight the important facts from the text by underlining them with a pencil.  
  • Determine the keywords from the question and try to match them with the paragraph to find the answers quickly.
  • It is crucial to be attentive and quick while solving reading.

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Wrapping Up

To sum it up, the gist of the above content will be beneficial for you, if you want to improve your scores on the reading section. Above all, it is important to have good vocabulary and grammar knowledge to excel in the reading. To make it more interesting daily reading (journals, magazines, newspapers, novels) acts as a wonderful tip.

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